• Do you want to learn how to make money in the stock market, but do not know where to start?

  • Do you want to trade stocks on your fingertips and BUY and SELL stocks on your own?

  • Do you want to analyze a company based on its financial numbers and figures?

  • Do you passionately want to become the next 'Warren Buffett'?

    If your answers are YES! then this
    7 hours session can be a 'Life Changing Event' for you. 

Duration: The duration of this one day workshop would be 7 hours.

Eligibility: No eligibility criteria and no prerequisites. Anyone interested can join this workshop. Beginners are preferred because we are going to have a brief discussion on the basics of stock market and how anybody can trade following some fairly simple rules.

Certification: The Certificate of Participation would be provided to all workshop participants from Equityboxx Team.

'You are one step away from a totally different Life'

Speakers: Akshay Seth (Research Analyst, SEBI Regd. INH100005729), Akash Pamecha (Investment Advisor, SEBI Regd. INA000010122).

Upcoming workshop


If you wish to conduct this workshop at your place then call +91 8920 161 884 and discuss the possibilities.

Anybody Can Join | In case of any query, feel free to contact us at info@equityboxx.com / +91 8920161884

Other Infomation:

1) Workshop payment should be made via online payment gateway only.

2) The workshop will be started at sharp 10:00 A.M.
3) This booking is subject to Equityboxx Terms and Conditions.

4) Please note that seats are limited and will be allocated on 'first come first served' basis.
5) Registration fee is 

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I personally like both the gentlemen Akash and Akshay. They both know their domain very well and are really nice people. I have no doubt about their expertise on the fundamental and technical analysis of stocks.

TradeX-Bengaluru Attendee

Subhakanta Kar

Senior Consultant

All is well. Great efforts. I personally thank you Mr. Akshay. Good public speaker.

TradeX-Mumbai Attendee

Parusharamulu Mamidala

PA to Managing Director for Corporate hospital, Hyderabad.

Sumit Ochaney

The workshop met my expectation. i wanted to have an overview of the stock markets ,to understand the various jargons uses and the need of technical and fundamental analysis. It covered up everything in a very clear and precise manner. Thanks to Akshay and Akash for their presentation skills and knowledge and their approach in resolving the queries of the students. Kudos to you both!!!

TradeX-IIT Delhi Attendee

Founder, Cinemaindia18,

Mohanpal Singh

Tradex help me in understanding the basics of Stock market and how to start with it. Very next day after Tradex I bought my First stock and I''m feeling quite happy and Confident. The confusing concepts which may take hours to come in your mind was covered by the Akash and Akshay Sir in 4-5 hours in most effective way. Just after this one workshop I can understand all the Stock related jargons and can easily analyze a company within 30 minutes. I was trying to enter into stock market but was not able to do so because of confusion and less knowledge. This workshop remove that fear and atlast I started trading after 6 months of opening My demat. Thanks Tradex, Akash and Akshay sir

TradeX-IIT Delhi Attendee

Businessman, Delhi

The main thing was the technical and fundamental analysis and I wanted to learn that, So for me, it was a good and satisfying experience and how simple they made the complex things were awesome, so from my side its a THUMBS-UP for Equityboxx.

TradeX-IIT Delhi Attendee

Antesh Maharaniya


It was an amazing workshop.I want to learn much more from Eqityboxx team. Thank you so much for taking out your precious time to spread awareness towards stock market

TradeX-Mumbai Attendee

Ritesh Chandwani


Superb workshop i got a lot of knowledge about the stock market and when i entered i knew nothing about stock market but when i exited i knew a lot about stock market-

TradeX-IIT Delhi Attendee

Aditya Harish


Good content. Had fun learning new jargons!

Aryaman Pratiraj


TradeX-Mumbai Attendee

This workshop was highly informative.I learned a lot through the course of this workshop.Now stock jargons make sense to me when i read newspapers.Looking forward for more such workshops in the future :)

Naman Singh


TradeX-Delhi Attendee

Pratyush Shukla

I am very satisfied with the workshop. The only thing I would suggest is that there should be a live trading time where we really invest and get something in return. Akshay and Akash sir were great orators and I being a totally unaware man in this field found it helpful.-

TradeX-IIT Delhi Attendee


It was a marvellous experience to get an overview of stock market in a very precise way. Being s novice I am able to understand the basics of stock market now. Looking forward to meeting you again in Delhi with some more sessions.

Rohit Jain, TradeX-Delhi Attendee

The session was great. One thing I really picked is the psychology behind trading and investing apart from the basics. The basics were explained beautifully by Akshay Sir in plain and simple language. One thing Akshay Sir does brilliantly is that he made me enthusiastic about Indian stock market. I am highly grateful to him and whole Equittyboxx team for this opportunity.

Anoop Chaudhary, TradeX-Delhi Attendee

Hats off to your efforts to make the session so effective that one with zero knowledge of stock market can undestand things so clearly.Keep up the good work!

Ashish Kumar, TradeX-Delhi Attendee

I'm an engineer. So basically, I didn't have literally any basic idea about stock markets. I applied for the workshop, because I could trust Akshay Seth from his Quora answers. And the workshop was every penny worth it. I now know where to start, what to read, what to follow and what not, sincere thanks to you guys. Thank you guys. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to know stock markets from the ground up.

Kedar Hargude, TradeX-Pune Attendee

You developed a good motivation in me to think about investments. I never imagined about earning through investing in stocks but you gave a clear idea by clearing the misconceptions about stock markets. I was expecting to learn more about how to open demat accounts and play stocks. I hope you concentrate in these basics as well. Overall it was great part from you and kudos to you for spreading awareness about stocks. May you flourish in your good work. God Bless You Both and I hope to attend many more workshops conducted by you.-

Rohit Kamath, TradeX-Pune Attendee

I am a student and before the workshop i was not able to tell the difference between the complex terms of investing world, but tradex helped me gather information about these.

Rohit Kumar, TradeX-Pune Attendee

Its a great workshop for beginners. Constraining to time frame, you get to understand the basics hence you get the push you need to start.-

Pulkit Mantri, TradeX-Pune Attendee

The workshop was very good and informative. Each and every topic was clarified in easy words so make a layman like me able to understand the stock market basics and how market works...Great Work by Equityboxx

Abhinav Sharma, TradeX-Delhi Attendee

Just want to say Thank you. My decision after seeing your Quora's answers was perfect and looking forward for a healthy relationship with EquityBoxx

Himanshu Garg, Software Engineer @ Oanda Corp., TradeX-Delhi Attendee

I had a good time learning and understanding the basics of fundamental and technical analysis directly from the experts.

Paridhi jain, TradeX-Delhi Attendee

Great work Akshay and Akash !! Simply amazing. Enjoyed the TradeX session , and would be interested to attend more of such sessions .-

Nikhil Sharma , Senior Analyst , Dunnhumby, TradeX-Delhi Attendee

The workshop was really good and helpful. I want to please keep me posted regarding workshops in future as well. If you could help me regarding the study material for the same.

Romani Gupta, Sr. Officer Marketing, TradeX-Delhi Attendee

The seminar was good. Although I expected a little more detailed understanding on stocks and trading in them rather than just understanding the jargons.-

Shrishti Jagati , TradeX-NMIMS Attendee

I didn't have any knowledge about stock market and from many days i was trying to gain some knowledge about it but wasn't able to find a reliable source. Then I got to know about this workshop and thought it was worth giving a shot. I benefitted a lot and everyday i take out 2-3 hours to study stocks of different companies.-

Aayush Seth, TradeX-IIT Delhi Attendee

...and many more

Terms and Conditions 

1) Delegates are responsible for taking care of their own property.
2) Equityboxx accepts no responsibility for any loss incurred whilst using material or information gained at this event.
3) Equityboxx may have to cancel an event. In this case, we will refund payments received.
4) The copyright of all training material rests with the Equityboxx or speaker.

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