Three Stocks to Buy NOW!

If you’ve missed the party then these three stocks may still give better returns in the short term.

  1. KEC International (Current Market Price: 296 Rs, Target: 360 Rs, Tenure: 2–3 Months)​​

About :

KEC International Limited is engaged in the construction of utility projects. Its geographical segments include India and Outside India. Its Power Transmission and Distribution business includes providing end-to-end solutions in power transmission and distribution. Its Cables service offerings include extra-high voltage (EHV) cabling solutions provided through Cable Selection and Cabling System, and manufacturing of a range of power (high tension and EHV cables), control, telecommunication and instrumentation cables. It offers services in all the functional segments of railways infrastructure, including construction of civil infrastructure, including bridges, tunnels, platforms, station buildings, along with workshop modernization. Its water services include waste water treatment, including treatment of sewage and industrial effluent, and water resource management, including building of canals, construction of dams and water system, and civil works related to thermal power projects.

Why KEC?

  1. The stock is trading 16 times of its FY19 earnings.

  2. The company has good consistent profit growth of 47.92% over 5 years.

  3. ROCE: 27.52 %

  4. ROE: 25.71 %

  5. Debt to equity: 0.37

  6. Pledged percentage: 0.00 %

  7. Interest Coverage Ratio: 3.54

  8. Free cash flow last year: 661.51 Cr.

  9. Promoter holding: 51.28 %

  10. 18 out of 28 major charts indicate ‘BULLISH SIGNAL’.

2. Finolex Cables Ltd (Current Market Price: 472 Rs, Target: 550 Rs, Tenure: 2–3 Months)

About :

Finolex Industries Limited is a manufacturer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes and fittings, and PVC resins. The Company operates through polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Pipes & fittings and Power segments. The Company offers its products in categories, including Agricultural Pipes and Fittings, and Plumbing and Sanitation Pipes and Fittings. Its products include Underground Sewerage Pipes, Female Threaded Adaptor, Service Saddle, Fabricated Repair Coupler and Screen Pipes with Ribs. It offers chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) pipes and fittings, such as CPVC Pipes, Compact Ball Valve, Coupler, Cross Tee, Transition Bush, Reducing Elbow, Tank Nipple, Step Over Bend, Male Threaded Adaptor and others. Its PVC pipes and fittings are available in various sizes, pressure classes and diameters, and are used in agriculture, housing, telecommunications, construction and industries. Its manufacturing plants are located in Pune, Ratnagiri in Maharashtra and Masar, near Vadodara in Gujarat. As crude oil price is falling, the company’s raw material cost would come down which would aid to its margins. The company expects its PVC pipes & fitting business along with PVC resin business to see a double-digit growth over the next few years.

Why Finolex?

  1. The stock is trading 21 times of its FY19 earnings.

  2. Company is virtually debt free ( Total Debt: 0.84 Cr.)

  3. ROCE: 25%

  4. ROE: 17 %

  5. Debt to equity: 0.37

  6. Pledged percentage: 0.00 %

  7. Interest Coverage: 249.61

  8. Free cash flow last year: 199 Cr.

  9. Current ratio: 2.86

  10. 16 out of 28 major charts indicate ‘BULLISH SIGNAL’.

3. J k Tyres (Current Market Price: 94.80 Rs, Target: 110 Rs, Tenure: 2–3 Months)

About JK Tyres:

JK Tyre & Industries Limited is engaged in the manufacturing of tyres, tubes and flaps. The Company’s geographical segments include India, Mexico and Others. It offers a range of tires, including passenger car tires, two/three wheeler tires, commercial tires, farm tires and off the road tires. Its range of tires covers the entire spectrum of cars and sport utility vehicles (SUVs), including BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Nano. Its commercial tires include truck/bus bias tires, truck/bus radial tires, light commercial vehicle (LCV) tires and small commercial vehicle (SCV) tires. Its farm tires include SONA H/F TRACTOR REAR, SONA 1 TRACTOR REAR, SONA TRACTOR REAR, SONA/SONA 5 TRACTOR TRAILER, SONA TRACTOR FRONT and SONA H/F TRACTOR FRONT. The Company’s off the road tires include EG 04 DX, VEM AS, VEM 99, VEM SMOOTH, VEM 027, VEM 045, V-BHSS, V-BH Plus, V-BHTEL/V-BHTEL PLUS and VEM ROCK. The Company also offers services, which include heal the wheel, tire care center and fleet management.

Why JK tyres?

  1. The stock is trading 6 times of its FY19 earnings.

  2. Contingent liabilities: 102.35 Cr.

  3. Stock is trading at 1.06 times its book value

  4. Company has been maintaining a healthy dividend payout of 26.25%

  5. Pledged percentage: 0.00 %

  6. Interest Coverage: 2.13

  7. Free cash flow last year: 219 Cr.

8. Current ratio: 2

9. 14 out of 28 major charts indicate ‘BULLISH SIGNAL’.

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