When to BUY a stock?

  1. When a fundamentally strong stock trades near its 52w low due to bad quarter numbers.

2. When a value stock comes below RSI 20.

3. When a stock plunges because of ‘Change in management’.

4. When company announces BUYBACK. (Example: Today Navneet Education gains 8% as board mulls share buyback proposal)

5. When you expect better quarter number of any stock. (Example: Today Sun Pharma beats Street estimates, posts Rs 982 crore profit for Q1).

6. When global cues pushes the stock down due to no ‘Internal reason’.

7. When a valued stocks delivers bad numbers just because of general incremental COGS.

8. When MACD crosses above the signal line.

9. When stock trades above its 30D, 50D or 100D moving average.

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