What are the best stocks to invest in India as on 09/03/2018 ?

Close your eyes, Buy these two safest stocks and let your money grow with time.

  1. REC Ltd. ( Current Market Price: 125.70 Rs., Target Price : 160 Rs, Tenure : 6 Months)

About The company:

Rural Electrification Corporation Limited is engaged in other financial services and activities-other Credit granting. The Company provides finance to power sector. It finances and promotes rural electrification projects all over the country. It provides financial assistance to State Electricity Boards, State Government Departments and Rural Electric Cooperatives for rural electrification projects as are sponsored by them.

Why REC?

Reasons: Top 5 reasons to buy REC Ltd.

  1. This power giant is trading 4 times of its FY17 earnings with EPS of massive 25.98 Rs at CMP of 125.70 Rs., you can imagine its earnings. Don’t just imagine but see it right here

2. This company has cash, a lot of cash. Capable enough to distribute 7.4 Rs. per share dividend, almost everytime.

Cash and Cash Equivalent - End of the Year is 4488 Crore.

3. REC has a book value of 170 Rs. per share and stock is trading below its book value. Already undervalued.

4. Financial health: Number tells the true story, everything else is a lie.

5. Technically also, It can be bought at this level.

2. Housing Development & Infrastructure Ltd.( Current Market Price: 42.25 Rs., Target Price : 70 Rs, Tenure : 6–8 Months)

About The company:

Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited (HDIL) is a real estate development company engaged in real estate activities with own or leased property. The Company has operations in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. It operates is various aspects of real estate business, ranging from residential, commercial and retail projects, to slum rehabilitation to land development. Its residential projects include apartment complexes, towers and townships. Its commercial projects include premium office spaces and multiplex cinemas. In retail, it is focused on building shopping malls.


Reasons: Top 5 reasons to buy HDIL

  1. HDIL is trading 12.49 times of its FY17 earnings with EPS of 3.4 Rs. at CMP of 42.25 Rs.

  2. . Net profit flow: ​​

3. If you have never looked at his balance sheet then no worries, I will show the reserves and surplus the company has right now. HDIL is already prepared for any crises or in other words contingent liabilities.

4. HDIL is almost debt free.

5. Company’s financial health can be compared easily with this table.

6. Technically this beaten wounded lion will rise again to aim new heights.

These two stocks would be the safest bet for the people you are risk averse. Both are good stocks to BUY NOW, you may buy any of them.

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Happy Trading/Investing.

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