Best way to earn daily ₹1000 by doing intra day trading in Indian stock market with a capital of 50,

[Disclaimer : Following this post may cause you A BIG FAT GAIN or A BIG FAT LOSS in a day, so do your own research before you dive in ]

So, Are you ready to make good profits in INTRADAY TRADE? ok Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Prerequisites : A Computer with Good internet speed, A Desk , Headphones , A good uplifting soundtrack, Coffee , MS Excel, A 9:00 AM to 03:30 Time without any interruption.

Follow the steps:

Step 1 : Be prepare with a list of stocks you want to trade on that particular day. Make that list a day before.

Step 2: At Sharp 09:00AM Open Equity Market Shares | Equity Market Reports | BSE and select your Indices whose stocks you want to Trade. I chose S&P BSE SENSEX.

Step 3: Download Market watch Live Report : by download CSV FILE.

Step 4: Open the excel and SORT it by following formula by Making an another column ACTION.

Step 5: Here We go , Our day trading DISH is READY. Start your intraday trade with respective signal made by your own. Analyse the signals and Trade accordingly.

Note :Intraday trading involves a lot of high risks as buying and selling of shares need to be squared off in the same day. Intraday trading has its own pros and cons. In Intraday trading one does not have to block the amount invested after trading hours, profit earned per share traded is very small, effectively trading the stock's daily volatility. If there is Increased volatility in the financial markets because of some events then it could lead to wide swings in the portfolio returns in a single day. Risks in intraday trading can be managed by keeping some important factors in your mind. One should identify the index and the sector before trading. Technical analysis will tell about the movement of the stock. Fundamental research of the company is also helpful. Proper knowledge of all forthcoming corporate actions will help in deciding the stocks to trade.

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