From a Software Engineer to a Stock Trader

One day a 25 years old software engineer was sitting in his office busy debugging the code.

Suddenly he got a message:

Your Salary has been credited Rs. 31,110 Rs. Your effective available balance as on 25.11.2017 is Rs. 40,128.10.

It is probably the most awaited message for any salaried person. But reality is buried somewhere else in your mind. You have to pay your rent, EMIs, credit card bills, transportation cost etc. After those deductions the net salary to spend for a month would be merely 15,000 Rs p.m. or 1.8L p.a.

In India, if your are living in metros and earning this much salary then you can only survive not live the way you want.

Suddenly he closed the program at which he was working and wrote a program that changed his life for ever.

Compiler: Code:

The result was shocking:

The result was indicating that if he would be sitting and working like that for next 20 years then he would be able to get nearly 2L p.m. at the age of 45 [after which he will have no options but to continue his job until someone fires him].As per government data the current inflation rate in India is 2.89% and it is expected to rise. This software engineer is no one but you or 70% of the software engineers in India.

So if you are just sitting and writing codes for your company 9–6 then wake up and think about your life for at least one minute.

Only dreaming about a good life won’t work because your future earned moneycan just help you to Spend your life not Live your life, So


Time has come to take some steps to secure your future.

Every problem comes with a solution but this time I have lots of solutions for you, choose what you like:

  1. Start investing in Mutual Fund SIP at least 1000 to 2000 per month. [if you are 25 and invest 10k a year in Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) then after 40 years, you can make a corpus of 1.2 Crore] Calculations: 1——→ Age 25 , Contributed , 10,000 P.A. , SIP 2——-> Age 35 , Contributed , 10,000 , P.A , SIP

the average return we assume in MF is 14% ( Sometimes it is above from it sometimes below it so 14% is ok)


HE/SHE WILL CONVERT IT INTO 12,804,156 Rs in 40 years.

2. Invest your money in IPOs. Open a demat account and apply for public issues.

On a average IPOs perform better as short as well as long term investment.Some recent IPOs and their returns in a week.

3) Invest some part of your money in Bluechip stocks in INDIA.

[BlueChip Stocks and Too Big to Fail stocks ( well-established and financially sound company that has operated for many years and has a market capitalization in the billions)]

many more options are available like ETF, NFOs, OFS etc.

I worked in a scheduled commercial bank for 2 years and quit because I thought if I have the capability that some one else is making money using my potential then then why not to use that potential for myself. I just wanted something big from this life I’m always ready to take every necessary steps to reach my goal :) All the best! Cheers!

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