The Best way to learn about Stock Market

Imagine a condition of 6 days of no sleep, constant mental and physical harassment, constantly in motion; running, swimming, paddling, carrying boats on your heads, doing log PT, sit-ups, push-ups, rolling in the sand, slogging through mud, paddling boats and doing surf passage.

In the 3rd week of first Phase of that you have to go through above mentioned circumstances in order to get into US NAVEL SEALs. People go through that and qualify it. This is The 5 Toughest Training Programs in the World.

The only reason for sharing this info is to prove the fact that human being is the source of infinite energy and we can do whatever we want, dedication should be main ingredient.

Now come to understand Stock Market in a simplest way possible.

Meet Mr. A

He just wants to make huge money and looking for a strategy increase his wealth but the strategy should be legal and possible. He saw people around him talking something about Stock Market where people even earned 4,500% in just 5 years ( Source: The Economic Times) or even more than that.

He went to a Stock Market expert to discuss more about this world and discovered some secrets that may convert his possibilities into Reality.

Stock expert simply told him that there can be two possible ways that you can invest your hard earned money into stocks for good returns

1) Learn it and manage your funds on your own. 2) Hire an Stock Advisor.

1) LEARN: If you are investing your money to any company then before investing even a single penny you should know each and every thing about the company. Each and everything. Form its balance sheets to its financial health and cash ratios, financial ratios, information about its promoters, shareholding pattern, Top line (Revenue) to Bottom Line (Net Profit), Book size, Enterprise value, Information about its debt or whether the company is generating from its core operations or not, its total assets and liabilities, calculations of some very important ratios like PEG, ROE, ROCE, ROA etc. Each and everything should mingle with your thoughts. We say it as ‘STOCK FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS’.When to decide to invest your money then the most important that matters the most is ‘WHEN TO INVEST’. This Answer can be discovered and analysed via STOCK TECHNICAL ANALYSIS.

Technical Analysis is more about the forecasting of future price movements of the stock based on an examination of past price movements. Like weather forecasting, although it does not result in absolute predictions about the future. Instead, technical analysis can help investors anticipate what is “More likely” to happen to prices over time. Technical analysis is been used by millions of investors that uses a wide variety of charts that show price over time. This is the last stage of learning stock market.

In a nutshell

“Unless we learn to know ourselves, we run the danger of destroying ourselves.”

2. Hire an Advisor: It is very possible that you are busy person and don’t have time read and understand it all. Thousands of advisory service are running successfully in India and it is proved it become a win-win situation for both side. You have money and he know ‘where’ to invest and ‘when’.

No matter whether you are a student perusing your graduation or a professional who likes to work 9 to 6, a house wife who spends her time doing house hold works or even a business man who has immense wealth to invest but doesn’t know where to invest his/her money for capital appreciation.

Stock Market is an ultimate game of numbers and it’s is proven that this is one of the most interestingly addictive thing of the world. Even If you’ve got reasonably good intelligence and an average IQ then also you can become the master player of stock market. ‘2 Minutes motivation to uncover the buried secrets to change your life | MUST WATCH’ Learn Stock Market from ground zero level here :

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