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About Investment Planning

Investment planning is planning to achieve your future financial goals and objectives with your financial resources which are available today. 

There are thousands of different avenues of investments, most commonly used are FD, equities, bonds, and property. Each of these have different characteristics and a good investment plan will usually contain all of these, according to the need of an individual.

Once we are clear with our goals and how to achieve them, it becomes easy to track our planning with time and do proper adjustments in it to keep us on track.

We help our investors to achieve their financial goals with the following process:

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Note: This is a paid service and Charges will be decided once we will discuss your goals, requirements, risk profile,  and investment value on call.

Features and Advantages

After implementing a portfolio plan, the management process begins. This includes monitoring the investments and measuring the portfolio’s performance relative to the benchmarks. It is necessary to report investment performance at regular intervals, typically quarterly, and to review the portfolio plan annually.




Equityboxx is SEBI Registered (SEBI Regd. INA000010122)


Many a little makes a mickle


EquityBoxx is a personal investment advisory firm having a couple of unique attributes and therefore I signed up with them and I have been absolutely satisfied thus far. The best part is that they have separated advisory from portfolio management. Its simple: gather their advise but take your own decision. That way the trust factor has remained intact and needless to say, I have implemented their advises to the core and am experiencing positive results. Their stock picks and reports are based on prime determinants pertaining to the core fundamental which spells out: why this stock is worth owning! Thats the key and I am quite sure that their advises are paving a path for me to reap richness in times to come. Highly recommended!

Rajul Kaushik

General Manager, International Business, South Africa


Ques:   What are the different investment avenues in which you will recommend to invest?

Ans:      Depending on your goals & risk appetite you will be investing in Equity MF, Debt MF, Stocks, PPF, Bonds,                NPS, FD's and you will also get assistance on different types of health and life insurance.

Ques:   Will Equityboxx get commission on recommending MF or insurance or stocks?

Ans:      No, Equityboxx is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisory firm where we get an advisory fee only from                      our clients. We only recommend different types of investment options which are most suitable for                             investor.

Ques:   Will I be able to be in touch with Advisor assigned to me?

Ans:      Yes, You will have regular interaction with SEBI Registered Investment Advisor and your investment   will                be monitored as per the your discussion.

Ques:   Is the advisory fee fixed for everyone or is different for small investors?

Ans:      Fee depends on the amount of funds an investor is willing to invest & how much restructuring he/she                    needs for the stock portfolio.

Ques:   Will you help me to invest my allocated savings every month?

Ans:      Yes, you can add/modify your investment whenever you want. We will assist you accordingly.

Ques:   How much return can I expect from my investments?

Ans:      Returns on your investments depend on your risk appetite and sectors you are comfortable investing in                  . (Investing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but rather a way to consistently grow the wealth you
               already have.)

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