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Equityboxx Stock Total Analysis

[45 Days Module]

After successful completion of this module, you would be able to answer these questions without having any confusion.

  1. What is stock market and how does it work?

  2. What is SENSEX and NIFTY and how does it work?

  3. What are the basic terms used by regular traders?

  4. How can I Trade on live market?

  5. What is Demat account and how does it work?

  6. How can I book profit and how it’s been calculated? What are the important ratios that one should consider while picking up the stocks? What are the alternate ways to trade that one must know? What is IPO (Initial Public Offering)?

  7. What are the important ratios ( PE, EPS etc) that one should consider before choosing the stocks?

  8. What are the other important things that one needs to know before start trading?

  9. What are the different candlestick patterns that help to predict the stock prices?

  10. How many technical indicators are there to analyse a stock?

  11. What are some of the finest techniques that are being used my traders on regular basis.

  12. How to read the charts?

  13. How to decode technical analysis of the stock?

  14. How to predict the stock prices with maximum accuracy?

The module is specially designed for those, who are enthusiastic enough to learn the stock Market from Ground Zero level.

Every single concepts would be revealed, every single techniques would be deciphered.


[For better understanding, all the terms are explained with the help of images and videos associated with it] 


IMPORTANT: All the communications would happen via mail. So while subscribing ESTO, make sure you fill your details correctly.  only so while doing registration process make sure you give the email id which you use on regular basis.

Charges - 7999/-

One time payment, Including all taxes.

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